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The Louisville Harp Academy


The Louisville Harp Academy, founded and directed by Lisa Spurlock Gilmore, is one of the largest and most comprehensive harp studios in the region, offering lessons to students of all levels, beginner through advanced.


Students of the academy include winners and finalists of competitions such as the American Harp Society National Competition, the University of Louisville Young Artists Competition, the National AG Fine Arts Festival, and the Midwest Harp Festival Solo Competition.  Students of the academy have also been awarded college scholarships to study harp with world renowned teacher, Susann McDonald - Distinguished Professor of Music at the Indiana University School of Music, as well as scholarships to the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University and other colleges and universities.


Music is one of the most enriching parts of our lives.  Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by music: in the shopping mall, on the radio, on television, etc.  Having the ability to play an instrument as unique and beautiful as the harp greatly increases one's appreciation of music and allows a person to become more aware of their artistic surroundings.  At the Louisville Harp Academy, we strongly encourage anyone interested in music to pursue training and development of their ability as an artist.  Playing a musical instrument not only increases brain development, self-awareness, and analytical skills, but it also can become a favorite life-long hobby or career.


The philosophy of the Louisville Harp Academy is to develop the natural ability that each student possesses and help them mature as an artist while building a solid foundation of technique.  The decision to be a classical, jazz, Celtic / Irish, or pop musician is entirely up to the student.  However, students are encouraged to study every genre while placing their main focus on classical music.


Louisville Harp Academy students range from age 3 to adult and encompass all levels, beginner through advanced. Students are also given the opportunity to participate in two recitals each year (spring and fall).  Group lessons and ensembles are available upon request.

Harp Lessons


Lessons are available for these harps:

- Pedal harp

- Lever harp

- Celtic / Irish harps


Lessons are offered on a weekly basis:

- 15 minutes (only available for very young students)

- 30 minutes

- 1 hour


Lessons include instruction on the following topics:

- note reading skills

- rhythm

- repertoire

- technique

- music theory

- artistic development

Purchasing a Harp



For beginning harp students who do not currently own an instrument, harps can be purchased or rented from the following locations listed below.  Several locations offer a rent-to-own program as well. The most popular choice of harp for beginning classical students would be a Lyon & Healy lever harp (Ogden, Troubadour, or Prelude models).  Harpsicle harps are also a good choice for very young beginners or for those on a smaller budget.  Celtic style harps include Triplett, Dusty Strings, and Rees harps.  Some privately owned local harps may be available for rent or purchase as well.  Please contact Lisa for more information regarding local harps for sale or rent in Louisville, KY.


Lyon & Healy harp factory, Chicago, IL. www.lyonhealy.com

Vanderbilt Music Company, Bloomington, IN.  www.vanderbiltmusic.com

The Harp Connection, Salem, MA  www.harpconnection.com

Virginia Harp Center, Richmond, VA and Philadelphia www.vaharpcenter.com

Salvi Harps, Los Angeles, CA   www.salviharpsinc.com

Harpsicle Harps, Rising Sun, IN  www.harpsicle-harps.com

Rees Harps, Rising Sun, IN  www.traditionalharps.com

Sylvia Woods Harp Center  www.harpcenter.com




To schedule an introductory harp lesson please contact Lisa Spurlock Gilmore:

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